I’ve finally got new hdd for my laptop. So I decided to dedicate myself on getting to know more about Desktop version of Ubuntu. Latest copy was installed successfully without any troubles except driver for Nvidia. But that was easily solved by downloading and installing latest driver.

So after a little while I felt that I need msn to chat. Browsing the web the choice was done quickly by installing aMSN. Works fine with me. To tell the truth, I didn’t try camera and voice function, but the rest is fine.

So getting back to the topic. There are articles in the internet saying that there are better mp3 players that xmms. But taking in to the consideration the fact that I’m experienced MS user, so that it won’t changed my mind just like that.

sudo apt-get install xmms -didn’t work

Spending a bit more time on reading I’ve found a useful note that xmms has been replaced with audacious.

So what i did it was

sudo apt-get install audacious

Audacious looks very friendly and common for me. Hope this was useful.