Keep getting the following error message while trying to configure trusted relationship between domains 

"The operation failed. The error is: This operation cannot be performed on the current domain" ?


Many organizations use disk image cloning to perform mass rollouts of Windows. This technique involves copying the disks of a fully installed and configured Windows computer onto the disk drives of other computers. These other computers effectively appear to have been through the same install process, and are immediately available for use.

While this method saves hours of work and hassle over other rollout approaches, it has the major problem that every cloned system has an identical Computer Security Identifier (SID). This fact compromises security in Workgroup environments, and removable media security can also be compromised in networks with multiple identical computer SIDs.


According to the error message, it seems that the SID of two domain controllers are same. You may verify it by using the tool PSGetSID.

To change the SID you can use NewSID software actually developed by Microsoft but has been retired and is no longer available for download. However I have I copy uploaded on my server which you can download and use. Make sure that you don't run it Domain Controller. Download NewSID here.